Listed below are all of my scheduled interviews. The date next to each listing is when I expect to post each interview.

Scobel Wiggins talks about her life inside and outside the world of Ultimate, her tips on taking photographs, and her thoughts on the sport – Monday, 5/10/10

Pad Timmons talks about the history of Discraft, recycled discs, his favorite tournaments, and his thoughts on the future of Ultimate – Monday, 1/25/10

Will Neff talks about how he got started in the world of Ultimate, his favorite Ultimate moments, and his thoughts on the future of the sport – Tuesday, 5/19/09

Matt Tsang, Gwen Ambler, and Alex Snyder talk about all things Fury – Sunday, 4/5/09

Jumpi, Mike Adlis, and Brian Calle talk about the Paganello, Wildwood, and Lei Out Beach Ultimate tournaments – Monday, 11/24/08

Edward Wang, Zahlen Titcomb, and Andrew Shen talk about Ultimate in China – Saturday, 11/1/08

Lelia Tunnel, Amber Sinicrope, and Shannon O’Malley talk about high level girls HS Ultimate – Tuesday, 6/17/08

Brent, Asanda, Phindile, and Max talk about Ultimate in South Africa – Sunday, 4/6/08

Tiina Booth and Michael Bacarrini talk about their new book – Friday, 3/14/08

Darden Pitts, George Stubbs, and Casey Ikeda talk about high level open HS Ultimate – Friday, 2/22/08

Jim Pistrang and Joe Bisignano talk about Middle School Ultimate – Friday, 2/15/08

Five Ultimate talks about growing up Titcomb – Monday, 2/11/08

Frank Huguenard and Todd Leber talk about the future of the game – Friday, 2/1/08

Meredith Tosta and Kyle Weisbrod talk about youth Ultimate – 1/23/08

Chase Sparling-Beckley and DeAnna Ball talk about Spirit – Friday, 1/18/08

Tiina Booth and George Cooke talk about NUTC and the UCPC – Friday, 1/11/08

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